I genuinely feel that this model has revolutionised both my teaching of writing and the learning of the pupils in my class. Quite a claim, especially from a cynical sort such as me, but after a year and a term of following this approach, I would find it very hard indeed to return to my old ways.

Michael Tidd has previously blogged about his approach and the rational behind it here. My blog discusses how my colleagues and I have got this model up and running in our school, and some observations on why it’s working so well.

Below is our long term plan for writing in our school:


KS1 only focus on the purposes of Entertain and Inform.

Year 3 and 4 look at Inform, Entertain and Persuade.

Year 5 and 6 look at all four purposes.

Staff are welcome to move the order of purposes around as they…

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