Language at the Speed of Sight

Some tweeters (hi @MiriamFein @PATSTONE55‪ @DavidWray @ManYanaEd) have asked whether the summaries of the findings about phonics and top-down guessing strategies in Chapter 11 are accurate. They are, but the book isn’t a review of the literature and so only a few representative studies are cited and discussed in detail.  Here’s some additional information.  I’ll split this into two posts.  This one about “phonics”. The next will be about “the guessing game” and top-down strategies in reading.

I’ve left the comments section open. Someone post, please, so that I can see if it’s working correctly!

Phonology and Reading

Table 11.2 lists a bunch of findings, most discussed in earlier chapters. I have only updated previous reviews of this literature slightly, adding some recent findings from the neuroscience.  However, I will post a version of the table that has at least one reference to a primary source for each entry,  ASAP.

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