Welsh Lessons: Judging a book by its cover


I am going to write a series of blogs on this issue partly to clear up some misconceptions and partly to help fellow colleagues who may find themselves in charge of literacy intervention in their school. It’s been a year since I gave up the role of Literacy Coordinator and moved  on to another school and in that time I’ve seen a number of Twitter spats over reading, which tend to lead fellow professionals to the following conclusions:

Secondary Tweachers: “Some kids come up to us and they can’t read well enough…ALL PRIMARY SCHOOLS ARE RUBBISH! ALL THEY DO IS COLOUR IN AND PLAY WHEN THESE KIDS CAN’T READ!!!”

Primary Tweachers: “Patronising secondary teachers! -they have no idea what they are talking about. NO WONDER THEIR EXPECTATIONS ARE SO LOW AND PUPILS DO SO MUCH WORSE AT KS3!!!”

So I thought I’d clear up a few things…


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