Living label-free in a label-full world | Josie M

“I’m a feminist.”

“I’m a people-person.”

“I’m dyslexic.”

“I’m an eclectic lover of music.”

“I’m an ESFJ.”

“I’m White British.”

“I’m a middle child.”

“I’m Buddhist.”

“I’m a slow reader.”

“I’ve got ADHD.”

“I’m a property owner.”

“I’m an introvert.”

“I’m left-wing.”

“I’m ASD.”

“I’m a leader.”

I’ve done it. We’ve all done it. We do it a lot. We describe ourselves with labels like those above in the hope to make sense of our personal worlds, which cannot exist in isolation. By wrapping our ideals, passions and identities into neat boxes, we believe others might be…

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