No Room in Ed for the Psycholinguistic Guessing Game

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The 3 cueing system is a model used widely in Australian schools to teach reading. It was made famous by Dame Marie Clay and her Reading Recovery program. This approach was the one favouredby my initial teacher education and is still the one favouredby most of the profession.
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I was once one in favourtoo. Why wouldn’t I be? My whole education at the beginning of my career was in favour of the 3 cueing system, I did not know any better. That was until I left to teach in the UK, where The Simple View of Reading is favoured. My journey tochanging my mindwas a long one and had a lot to do with the overwhelming evidence for approaches that largely contradict the 3 cueing model and its overarchingphilosophy – namely, synthetic phonics.

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Last Term, I attended a conference for kindergarten teachers run by a very influentialorganisation in…

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