Is changing your mind like changing your underwear? | (Kevin Wheldall)

“Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.” George Bernard Shaw
It must be over 25 years since I last changed my underwear. No, wait; let me rephrase that: It must be over 25 years since I last changed the brand of underwear I wear. While my family may disagree, my allegiance to Marks and Spencer’s undies was perhaps one of the last vestiges of my Pommie origins to leave me. After all, if it was good enough for the royal family, it was surely good enough for me. And this from a lifelong republican, no less. But I have finally…

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Crap detecting for beginners | (Kevin Wheldall)

[The following is an edited version of a speech I gave at the launch of this book* in May 2017.]
A recent Four Corners program featured the results from a ‘shadow shop’ of 240 pharmacies conducted by Choice. Pharmacists were asked to recommend something for these actors posing as shoppers who claimed that they had been “feeling really stressed lately”. 26% of pharmacists recommended Bach Flower remedies, a product for which there is absolutely no scientific evidence for efficacy. Another 3% recommended homeopathic products. Non-evidenced based fads like this predilection for so-called…

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A Journey to the Dark Side: from Phonics Phobic to Phonics Fanatic | Anne Glennie

A Journey to the Dark Side: from Phonics Phobic to Phonics Fanatic

I am delighted to have a feature article published in the summer edition of the NATE Primary Matters magazine. It’s quite a personal one, but it will hopefully provide some background for those who think I’ve always been a phonics fanatic… Indeed, it’s a fairly new thing for me and it all started when I identified a major personal and professional development need… 

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NATE Article: A Journey to the Dark Side: from Phonics Phobic to Phonics Fanatic




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Developing A Whole-School Culture Of Writing | literacyforpleasure

Developing A Whole-School Culture Of Writing
To develop a culture of writing in your school, you first need to agree to the following:
To teach writing, you need to be able to write,
Children/adults should respond to each other’s writing,
The teacher should act as a writer alongside the students, and be prepared to undertake the same assignments as their students,
Opportunity for independent writing to happen daily,
Weekly mini-lessons which develop authorship in some way,
Quality literature accessible through class libraries.

How is this done?
Produce an agreed definition of what…

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My bookshelf | Jon Biddle

This is an absolutely wonderful idea from @Elsie2110 on Twitter. It’s a great way for the children to record what they’ve read over the year. I think we’re also going to record what we read together as a class on a larger one. My fantastic TA, Miss Fuller, has created a blank template (link below) and is more than happy for people to use it.

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