Talisman Card games win Primary Teacher Award! | Tami Reis-Frankfort

Talisman Card Games 11-20 have just been awarded a silver award from Primary Teacher.  These are beautifully illustrated card games that not only develop reading skills, but social skills too.  The Primary Teacher award gets teachers to try out and test products in their classrooms.  These games are a favourite with students and now teachers have given them their thumbs up too!


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12 Qualities of an Effective Reading Teacher | Dianne Murphy

Good systems need good people to deliver them.

To have real impact, an intervention must have two things: an effective programme, and an effective teacher. No matter how good the programme is, its power to effect positive change will be aided or hindered by the person who is delivering it. Having trained numerous teams to deliver Thinking Reading, I have distilled a list of key qualities that teaching staff need to become ‘highly effective’ practitioners. I thought it might make interesting reading for others – it’s not a job description, just my observations on what makes the biggest…

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Seven ways to increase a student’s chances of exclusion | James Murphy

Our actions can have serious, if unintended, consequences for students. 

No doubt we would all be appalled by the suggestion that we might be contributing to a student’s chances of being excluded. But the reality is that there are many practices, culturally and systematically embedded in schools, that ensure some students are at much higher risk than they need to be.

For the purposes of illustration, here is a short ‘guide’ on how to make a student much more likely to be excluded.
Get them off to a bad start in reading.

Nothing has more impact on a student’s education than reading, so…

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