300 High Frequency Word Phonic Chart | Elaine Marsh

Do your children forget spellings from one week to the next?

Many teachers issue spelling lists each week only to find that a week or two down the road the children have already forgotten them.

At Phonic Books we believe that teaching children the first 300 high-frequency words in a way that links up with phonics is a sure-fire way for children to build both their reading and spelling skills in tandem. Children need to get into the habit of segmenting new words and understanding how each part works as early as possible.

With this in mind, we’ve produced a Phonic High Frequency Word…

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Explicitly Teaching The Writing Processes And Writing For Pleasure | literacyforpleasure

Explicitly Teaching The Writing Processes And Writing For Pleasure

This week’s #WritingRocks was about explicitly teaching the writing processes to children with a view to them creating and then using their own personalised process independently. This is because research has, for a long time, advocated for such an approach when teaching apprentice writers:

The first thing to state is that Writing For Pleasure teachers are likely to know that there isn’t really a single agreed upon writing process.
With this said, Writing For Pleasure teachers will also know that many children are…

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Using Example Texts – Writing With And For Children | literacyforpleasure

Using Example Texts – Writing With And For Children

#WritingRocks Twitter chat with Carolyn from @Write_Example
20:01 – First question posted.
20:02 –  Oh dear – it’s just going to be me and the dog!
20:04 – I should probably have posted my response to the first question…
20:05 – Ooo hello, someone’s joining in…

And we’re off. So was the start to my first ever twitter chat. Never in my life has an hour passed so quickly: the discussion that followed was insightful, educational, challenging and inspiring.

When @Writing Rocks­­_17 asked me to host a #WritingRocks chat session about…

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